"It's difficult to admit the obvious"
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GUIDED BY LONG-TERM COMMITMENT TO METICULOUS RESEARCH AND METHODOLOGY as well as to a simple statement: ”it's difficult to admit  the obvious”, we want to provide  information and knowledge on contemporary issues. Our approach is multidisciplinary and as objective as it can be. We will disseminate the works and publications to all, who want to pursue the reality of knowledge.


International Research Center is a 501(c) (3) independent non -profit organization dedicated to providing unbiased, factual data and information about  the contentious international relations of Central Europe.
Last Century's, as well as contemporary questions of Jewish-Polish -German relations are on top of our agenda, as well as an influence of these questions on USA policies. We wanted to be a nation’s institute for research in the subject leading to true understanding of the policy-focused analyses. The blend of scholarship, singular resources of the communities involved, and exceptional level of research is producing the expected great results. In the polarized world our logo is: “it's difficult to admit  the obvious”.


International Research Center draws upon credentiated scholars,including graduate students,journalists,businessmen,and community leaders to  offer multidisciplinary approach and knowledge of those difficult, sometimes socially explosive questions.
We form study groups and workgroups committed to the particular questions raised by contemporary challenges either by governmental agencies, raised in the political process, or caused by specific approach, presumed to be bias.
Independence of the International Research Institute is secured by conscious effort not to be related to the particular University, or any particular political option, but by drawing the best scientific and personal resources from many of them.


International Research Center researchers have been audacious in their application of the new social and multidisciplinary approaches. They tackle key societal challenges, inform about religious-ethnic identities and even take into account legal approach.
They conduct research on pressing issues-from great role of the lobby playing the substantial role in USA political agenda, to the challenges in the Middle-East, up to latest narratives in Polish-German relations, as well as long term questions, such as the roles of religion and ethnicity in international politics, the nature of national identities and its implications in the USA as well as in Poland, Germany, or Israel.


We publish our findings and papers through different media and draw attention of multiple media outlets to our findings, as well as to supply corrected information to the American educational system  ( primary and secondary education), on the focused  subjects. IRC transmits by email a succinct analysis to a national and international audience. Frequently, they are reprinted and quoted by newspapers around the world.
We organize study groups, conferences, as well as community meetings in ethnically diversified countries.

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