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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Move Over, JUDENJAGD. A Superb, Detailed, and Objective WWII History of Dabrowa Tarnowska Count

Sunday, January 24, 2016
THE BLOODY GHOSTS is the title of this Polish-language book. The geographic setting of this work is the same as that of neo-Stalinist Jan Grabowski's anti-Polish book, JUDENJAGD (THE HUNT FOR THE JEWS), which distorts events in a contextual vacuum. Adam Kazimierz Musial's work, which preceded JUDENJAGD, is incomparably better. It tells the full story of what happened in Dabrowa County, to Jews AND Poles, under the German occupation. Unlike JUDENJAGD, Musial's work includes information derived from the archives of the A. K. (ARMIA KRAJOWA). (p. 10, 27) >>more...

Looting, Grave Robbery, Property Restitution--Not Only Poles from Jews: more books on the subject

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
The list author says: "Jan T. Gross, in his recently-published ZLOTE ZNIWA (GOLDEN HARVESTS), has presented a decidedly unobjective focus on looting. The reader is led to believe that only Poles looted from Jews, desecrated sites of the Jewish dead, and benefited from German crimes by acquiring post-Jewish properties--or that Jews were the only victims of such event >>more...

The First israelis:Looting Was No More a Polish Disease Than it Was a Jewish Disease

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
There are many reviews of this item. They freely inform the reader about the general features of this book, and I will not repeat them. Instead, I approach this book from an entirely different angle. >>more...

Polish Nationalism—Old and New. The Truth at Last,

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
POLAND FOR THE POLES! WHO WERE AND ARE THE POLISH NATIONALISTS? is the title of this Polish-language work. This tour de force is a comprehensive history of the Polish national movement, and it provides a much-needed corrective to the grotesque caricature, of Polish nationalism, that is routinely done by leftists and certain Jews. This work covers Polish nationalism from the days of Roman Dmowski, and then proceeds through Polish history all the way to the present. It is a somewhat frustrating item to review, as there is so much worthwhile information, and space to mention only a little of it. >>more...

Komparatystyka mordów

Monday, November 23, 2015
Od pewnego czasu panoszy się moda na traktowanie naszej historii jako wymówki do zohydzania Polski i Polaków. Polskie zbrodnie i sprawki, prawdziwe i wydumane, traktuje się nie tylko sui generis, ale przede wszystkim jako wyjątkowe i stąd tak podłe – naturalnie w kontekście pięknego, dobrego i tolerancyjnego świata >>more...

A Journey to Early 19th-Century Continental Europe. I Feature Poland:Jews to sell even their wifes and dohthers

Friday, August 14, 2015
British author John Thomas James describes his 1813-1814 travels to several countries in Europe. My review is based on the original 1827 edition of this two-volume work. Owing to my personal interest, this review is limited to James’ visit to Poland. At the time of the visit, Poland had recently been Partitioned. The author spent much of his time in Austrian- and Russian-ruled Poland. >>more...

Shattered Spaces: Encountering Jewish Ruins in Postwar Germany and Poland Hardcover – December 1, 2011

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Having read and reviewed hundreds of works on Poland's Jews, being unfamiliar with the author, and learning of the acclaim that this book has gotten, I had expected much more of it. It turned out to be a disappointing repetition of tired, Judeocentric ideas amidst a body of novel information on Germany. This book tacitly juxtaposes Germany and Poland, which itself is objectionable in that it relativizes the two in the reader's mind. In this review, I focus exclusively on Poland. >>more...

POles rescuing Jews(Bishops, clargy, ordinary poeple

Monday, June 1, 2015
Priests and the Jewish People at the Time of the Holocaust Reflections in Light of the Newest Research Heroism Amid Terror >>more...

APAC to Równy w Yale

Friday, January 2, 2015
Wróciłem właśnie z konferencji American Polish Advisory Council (APAC – Amerykańska i Polska Rada Doradcza). Tytuł konferencji: „25 lat demokracji w Polsce i partnerstwo polsko-amerykańskie: Współpraca wojskowa, handel i wspólne cele”.

Organizację założył wiekowy generał Edward Równy. Człowiek-legenda, związany z naszą uczelnią, zawsze serdeczny, mądry i patriotyczny. Patriota dwóch krajów zresztą: USA i Polski. Urodził się w Baltimore, jego ojciec jeszcze za zaborów emigrował za ocean. >>more...
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